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Journeys to Success: From Students to Skilled Tradespeople

Explore the journeys of UBC Job Corps students as they transition from learners to apprentices to skilled professionals.

These narratives celebrate the hard work, resilience, and accomplishments of our students, offering a glimpse into the impactful experiences that shape their careers.

Through dedication and the support of our instructors and partners, these individuals have turned their aspirations into rewarding careers, exemplifying the power of our program to change lives and build futures.

UBC Job Corps Grafton Shop Spotlight
UBC Job Corps


Read highlights from our programs and their graduates, who are now trained professionals and even instructors that are training the next generation of skilled workers.

UBC Job Cops Harpers Ferry Ben Hoffman
UBC Job Corps Pinellas Miami Orlando scaffolding
UBC Job Corps Andie Beltran
UBC Job Corps students cabinet installation
UBC Job Corps Dayton student project
UBC Job Corps Tongue Point student scaffolding
UBC Job Corps Grafton instruction
UBC Job Corps Miami students outreach
UBC Job Corps success story image
UBC Job Corps Dayton students remodeling shop
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UBC Job Corps


We're proud to shine a light on the programs at our training locations across the country. See how our instructors are helping to build the future of the construction industry.

UBC Job Corps student working with power tools
UBC Job Corps jobsite training
UBC Job Corps WBL for students
UBC Job Corps students on the jobsite
UBC Job Corps training center
UBC Job Corps students complete framing project
UBC Job Corps working on picnic table
UBC Job Corps student working with power saw
UBC Job Corps students working outside
UBC Job Corps students at event
UBC Job Corps instructional training
UBC Job Corps students training
UBC Job Corps instructor and student
UBC Job Corps student training on jobsite
UBC Job Corps student training with equipment
UBC Job Corps graduation with instructor
UBC Job Corps students working on park signage
UBC Job Corps students birthday party
UBC Job Corps students field trip
UBC Job Corps graduate on jobsite
UBC Job Corps student practicing in training center
UBC Job Corps instructor congratulating student
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UBC Job Corps


Get all the UBC Job Corps News here! Learn more about what our current students and their instructors are up to in the field, see progress on their current projects, and find the latest updates from our staff.


Member Spotlight: Building Across Generations

Meet Raheem Shepard, a business representative for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) Union and a third-generation carpenter.

Watch Raheem share his pride of carrying on his family’s tradition of working in construction and the skilled trades, along with the feelings that come from knowing that you’ve helped build the things around you that are seen throughout your own neighborhoods.

UBC Job Corps


Watch videos from our full library! This collection highlights the unique opportunities that apprenticeship can provide and the stories behind our former students who are forging successful careers in the construction industry.

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