UBC Job Corps graduate Javon Flemming was in the middle of his training at Schenck Job Corps CCC in North Carolina when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the United States.

Many students got derailed because of the chaos of these times and distance learning. No fun when you’re a hands-on guy like Javon, but he hung in there and came back to campus for his last four months and to complete his graduation!

While he was at Job Corps, Javon left North Carolina to work on Camp Crew in two very different locations – Arizona and then Montana. Camp Crew gave Javon a great opportunity to earn money for a car. The long days on the crew prepared him well for the work he’s currently doing as a scaffold erector, working 10-hour shifts for seven days a week and collecting guaranteed overtime wages!

Javon says that every week has a lot of variety – one day he and the crew are building scaffold at Universal Studios and the next they might be at a nuclear power plant. It’s always different!

The UBC Job Corps is proud to call Javon a graduate and in all the ways he took charge of his life and career!

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Let us guide you toward a fulfilling career path that not only promises a bright future, but also the satisfaction of building it with your own hands.

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