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Uniting Industries With UBC Job Corps Talent

From contractors and developers to trade schools and building products manufacturers, partnering with the UBC Job Corps Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship Program is a great way to build mutually beneficial relationships.

Our programs offer a valuable opportunity to tap into a reservoir of eager, skilled talent ready to shape the future of the construction industry.

Help us build a foundation for innovation and growth in our industry by integrating fresh, motivated individuals who are trained in the latest industry tools, products and practices.

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Let's Solve the Skills Gap Together

Streamline Recruitment

It’s a perennial challenge for virtually any business in the skilled trades: finding and keeping qualified, dependable labor. Building partnerships with UBC Job Corps is one of the most direct ways to solve your labor challenges now and for years to come.

Our work-based learning (WBL) programs guide the skilled tradespeople of tomorrow through the first steps of their career path today. We help mold students into craftspeople with a strong work ethic, technical proficiency, and the adaptability needed in today’s fast-evolving construction landscape.

Partnering with the UBC Job Corps connects you to this diverse, eager, ready-to-work talent pool with skills that can directly contribute to your projects right away and the proper training to ensures your jobsites are safe.

Influence Training

By partnering with the UBC Job Corps Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship Program, business and organizations have a unique opportunity to shape the future of the skilled trades and construction industry.

This partnership is not merely a commitment to workforce development; it’s an investment in creating a legacy of excellence and innovation. You’ll be directly contributing to the cultivation of a skilled and diverse workforce that is ready to meet the challenges of both your specific initiatives and for the industry at large.

Let’s join forces to build a stronger, more resilient industry, equipped with the talent that will propel us into a new era of craftsmanship.

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One Curriculum Designed to Develop Many Skills

UBC Job Corps uses the UBC’s Career Connections curriculum, created by the Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) for high schools and pre-apprenticeships.

Career Connections engages students through hands-on, practical learning. Students learn basic and intermediate carpentry, advanced skills in commercial and residential construction, and the essentials of construction site safety.

Through these programs, students can explore diverse trades beyond carpentry, including millwrighting, industrial mechanics and more, expanding their career options and increasing their earning potential.

Career Connections at UBC Job Corps also includes training in the employability skills that employers value most, including goal setting, positive attitude, punctuality, teamwork and taking initiative.

How Your Involvement Helps

Potential partners of the UBC Job Corps Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship Program can play a pivotal role by offering apprenticeship opportunities, providing mentorship, and sharing real-world insights that enrich the training experience.

Engaging with the program allows partners to directly impact the development of skilled tradespeople, ensuring that graduates are not only job-ready but also equipped with the latest techniques and knowledge.

By investing time, resources and expertise, partners help foster a new generation of construction professionals and skilled tradespeople, driving innovation and excellence within the industry.

Connect With the UBC Job Corps

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