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The UBC Job Corps Difference

UBC Job Corps Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship programs are your springboard to a rewarding career in the trades. But, it’s not just about the training. It’s also about the people.

At the heart of all our mentoring programs is the care our instructors take in building relationships with their students. From carpenters to lathers to millwrights and more, they’re passionate about passing on their knowledge of their craft and the skills they’ve acquired along the way. However, they also care about their students as people and helping them succeed off the jobsite, too.

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What Our Former Students and Partners Say About the UBC Job Corps

I was looking for a ‘restart’ in my life, and Job Corps was exactly what I needed. Job Corps provided me the skills and training necessary to become a Union Carpenter. Working with my hands has always been a strong point for me, but learning carpentry helped me capitalize on this trade. I am now a Union Carpenter. I have a steady job, with steady pay and benefits. I am afforded the opportunities to travel to different areas to work all over North America.

Darius C.

UBC Job Corps Graduate

Union Member & Carpenter

Dayton Job Corps and the UBC changed my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it or my instructors.

I’m now making a livable wage and living a dream I couldn’t have imagined without the support of UBC Job Corps!

Tyler Hudson

UBC Job Corps Graduate

UBC Apprenticeship Program

We contacted UBC Job Corps to help fulfill our manpower requirements. After discussing the program, it was a no brainer for me. The level of dedication and real world knowledge the students get made it easy for us to transition the students into the field. The students we got from UBC Job Corps were very enthusiastic about the opportunity to apply what they have learned. They were ready to work!

Kevin Malave

UBC Job Corps Partner

Walker Commercial Interiors

What to Expect After Graduation

Mentorship begins when a student arrives in our programs, but it often continues long after graduation. The goal of the UBC Job Corps is simple—to help students reach their goals. Successful graduates can expect to have:

  • Access to United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) and other Union Registered Apprenticeship programs, and above entry-level work opportunities.
  • Confidence in the skills they possess.
  • A network of fellow graduates and mentors to answer questions and cheer them on.

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Paying Your Skills Forward

The UBC Job Corps is founded on the give and take of mentorship.

That relationship continues into your career and keeps growing, as many of our students go on to be become trainers or instructors themselves, passing their knowledge onto the next generation of skilled tradespeople.

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Nikolay Todorov Maine Local 349 Penobscot JC gradNikolay Todorov, Carpenters Local 349

Meet Nikolay Todorov, Penobscot Job Corps Center Graduate

Luke LaChance, Field Coordinator for New England, often speaks highly about the excellence and professionalism that Nikolay Todorov displayed while he was a student with the UBC Job Corps Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship program at Penobscot Job Corps, in Maine.

Nikolay came to the United States from Bulgaria as a child. His mother won an immigration lottery when he was five and received green cards for each of them. From there, the rest of Nikolay’s childhood was spent growing up in Portland, Maine. After high school graduation, he briefly attended college, but decided that this direction wasn’t for him. His next decisions brought him to the UBC Job Corps, where he eventually ended up being the shop foreman for carpentry.

Nikolay worked diligently as an apprentice after his pre-apprenticeship training and is now a journeyworker. He now proudly represents the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) Local 349.

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See how the UBC Job Corps Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship program also changed the lives of these former students!

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