Tyler Hudson came to the Dayton Job Corps at the age of 17. From Perrysburg, Ohio, he was looking to obtain his driver’s license, high school diploma and complete the UBC Pre-Apprenticeship Carpentry Program.

Things got off to a rocky start for Tyler as he had a few altercations that put his future in jeopardy. However, with the help of the counseling department, culture director and carpentry instructors, Tyler was able to overcome those setbacks and started advancing through the program. He obtained his high school diploma through Penn Foster.

Tyler continued to advance through work with multiple projects on center and off, while obtaining all of his UBC Pre-Apprentice Certifications. These certifications include Green Building Awareness, OSHA 10, Scaffold Safety, Scaffold User, Powder Actuated Tool, Career Connections Curriculum, and the UBC Completion Certification.

He was able to work on a variety of projects to hone his skills as a carpenter, but he excelled in metal studs and drywall. Once Tyler had completed his training, he started work based learning (WBL) with ACP on the Greater Dayton School Building in Dayton, Ohio. Tyler was able to work for ACP while still living on campus, saving money, and waiting to obtained his drivers license. He later decided that Dayton is where he belongs, so with the help of his instructor Mr. Hoops and other staff, Tyler obtained an apartment in Dayton and a new vehicle the week leading up to his exit date.

Since leaving Dayton Job Corps Center as a UBC Pre-Apprenticeship graduate, Tyler continues to grow and advance through the UBC Apprenticeship Program. He is working steady, making a livable wage and “living his dream.”

“Dayton Job Corps and the UBC changed my life and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it or you, Mr. Hoops,” Tyler stated.


Discover the Trade That’s Waiting for You!

The UBC Job Corps is your opportunity to discover a career that combines passion with practicality, where every day brings a new challenge and the chance to work hands-on to make a tangible impact.

Through work-based learning and mentorship, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to excel in a field that values creativity, resilience and hard work.

Let us guide you toward a fulfilling career path that not only promises a bright future, but also the satisfaction of building it with your own hands.

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