I oversee these UBC Job Corps programs:

Blackwell, Boxelder, Denison, Excelsior Springs, Flint Hills, Pine Ridge, Quinten N. Burdick

I've been with the UBC Job Corps since:


Previously, I was a UBC Job Corps Instructor at:

Excelsior Springs

Before I started teaching at the UBC Job Corps, my work in the field included:

I started out bricklaying after school and on weekends. Then, I worked as a carpenter's helper. I joined the UBC at age 23, working concrete forms on a waste water treatment plant and other major comercial projects.

The best/most interestingthing about my job is:

The fact that it [UBC Job Corps] works! I enjoy using my experience to help instructors perform at their best when developing young carpenters.

My favorite things to do when not working include:

Football and auto racing top the list. I also mess around in my workshop and I like to work on home improvement projects.

A little more to know about me or a favorite quote I'd like my prospective students to know:

"Practice until you get it right; keep doing it until you can't get it wrong."

UBC Job Corps Field Coordinator Troy Sowers