I oversee these UBC Job Corps programs:

Cass, Mingo, Mississippi, New Orleans, North Texas, Shreveport, and Tulsa

I've been with the UBC Job Corps since:


Previously, I was a UBC Job Corps Instructor at:


Before I started teaching at the UBC Job Corps, my work in the field included:


The best/most interestingthing about my job is:

Being so blessed to work with the "Best of the Best." Our brothers and sisters in Job Corp are the most talented, caring and outstanding crafsmen in the Brotherhood!

My favorite things to do when not working include:

Spending time with family and friends.

A little more to know about me or a favorite quote I'd like my prospective students to know:

"Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path." - Psalms 119:105

UBC Job Corps Field Coordinator Randall D. Allen