I oversee these UBC Job Corps programs:

I oversee the administrative office, which oversees all 72 UBC Job Corps centers.

I've been with the UBC Job Corps since:


Previously, I was a UBC Job Corps Instructor at:

I have not worked as an Instructor, but previously worked for another UBC program - the Carpenters International Training Fund. The experience I gained there helped me understand the UBC as a whole and I came to UBC Job Corps with fresh ideas.

I've worked in the skilled trades since:

I have no trade experience, but have learned a lot by working around it.

My specialty on the job site was:

Program development

The best/most interesting thing about my job is:

Working with and getting to know people from different backgrounds - I love what they can teach me and enjoy embracing our differences.

My favorite things to do when not working are:

Spending quality time with my family who live out of town, attending concerts, off-roading, paddleboarding.

Some other things my students should know about me, maybe even a favorite quote:

"If you want to be happy, be." - Tolstoy

My UBC Job Corps experience as a student:

I was not a student.

UBC Job Corps Executive Assistant Mayra Zeledon