I oversee these UBC Job Corps programs:

The responsibilities of the Executive Director include managing operations of the UBC Job Corps and all of its training programs. This includes being a direct liaison between the Department of Labor and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters.

I've been with the UBC Job Corps since:


Previously, I was a UBC Job Corps Instructor at:

Phoenix JCC

I've worked in the skilled trades since:

1984 - beginning as a pre-apprentice.

My specialty on the job site was:

Bridge construction and heavy highway

The best/most interesting thing about my job is:

I wasn't looking for a "job" when UBC Job Corps found me, but I sincerely wanted to teach and share my own skills learned from out in the construction field. Associating with individuals who have an interest in my trade/craft and showing a desire to know what I know has always humbled me. There is no greater compliment than someone allowing me to take up their precious and valuable time to share my skills and abilities.

My favorite things to do when not working are:

Outdoor activities, especially with family and auto mechanics as a hobby: high performance and classic muscle cars/trucks. Loud, high horsepower engines and tire smoke.

Some other things my students should know about me, maybe even a favorite quote:

I knew nothing when I began as a pre-apprentice. My skill level was so low, the nickname my journeymen gave me was "Lightning," because I could not hit (hammering nails) the same place more than once. If there was a 50-50 chance on doing something right, I did it wrong every time.

My UBC Job Corps experience as a student:

I was not a student, but I wish I had known about the UBC Job Corps before beginning my experience. I have the utmost respect for those individuals who choose this path to learn and have skills before entering the trades.