I oversee these UBC Job Corps programs:

Atterbury, Cincinnati, Dayton, Great Onyx, Pine Knot, St. Louis and Whitney M. Young

I've been with the UBC Job Corps since:


Previously, I was a UBC Job Corps Instructor at:


Before I started teaching at the UBC Job Corps, my work in the field included:

Primarily worked within the interior sysytems scope of carpentry, including the installation of doors and door hardware, cabinetry, trimwork, accoustical drop ceilings, metal stud framing, drywall, and shaftwall. I also specialized in constructing a lot of this work in occupied healthcare facilities, under the UBC-ICRA training program.

The best/most interestingthing about my job is:

When I was in the field, it was walking on stilts to install drop ceilings. I also just enjoyed learning new building techniques on every job to become a better, more skilled and well rounded carpenter. Now, I enjoy traveling to different UBC Job Corps centers to see all of the hard work that our students do everyday in programs across the United States.

My favorite things to do when not working include:

I enjoy going on adventures, especially with my 13-year old son. We've been to Breckenridge in the Rocky Mountains, rock climbed Red River Gorge in Kentucky and rode jet skis in the Gulf of Mexico in Florida.

A little more to know about me or a favorite quote I'd like my prospective students to know:

Always do your best and be willing to learn. Even the best carpenters learn new things until the day that they retire. If you keep an open mind and a good attitude, then anything is possible.

My UBC Job Corps experience as a student:

Yes - I graduated from the program at Atterbury in 2007. I worked in the field as an interior systems carpenter, scaffold builder and concrete form carpenter for 8 years until I became a UBC Job Corps Instructor at Atterbury in 2015. You will get out of the program what you put into it. Apply yourself and never stop pursuing your goals!

UBC Job Corps Field Coordinator Anthony Beets